Corporate responsibility management

Responsibility is integrated in Hansel’s strategy, and it is one of the main strategy themes. In the Executive Committee, corporate responsibility is included in the job description of the Director of Finance, who chairs the Corporate Responsibility Team.

The Corporate Responsibility Team, which convenes regularly, consists of eight experts from various functions within the organisation, such as financial administration, the legal team, category management, procurement development, tendering and customer relations. The basis for the corporate responsibility work is the company’s strategy, which is implemented in the form of various projects and activities.

“The Corporate Responsibility Team is in charge of responsibility-related working instructions and processes.”

The Corporate Responsibility Team is in charge of responsibility-related working instructions and processes, such as the responsibility analysis that was introduced in 2019. Distribution of information regarding responsibility matters and providing internal support in tendering projects are important parts of corporate responsibility efforts.

At the end of November 2020, the responsibility group had a development day, during which they processed current topics and development work needs. Responsibility audits came up as one of the significant themes, which Hansel is yet to launch. The matter has already been studied, but its internal conceptualisation is still in progress. We have also discussed the matter with other public procurement units, and many others seem to be considering the same issue in Finland at the moment. Cooperation in this field might therefore be justified.

As a founding member, Hansel also has an important role in the Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement (the KEINO Competence Centre). Some corporate responsibility efforts are also carried out in the Procurement Finland’s action plan and in cooperation with joint procurement units in other countries and NGOs.

The focus points of Hansel’s responsibility work have been defined in the materiality matrix, which was updated in 2019 following the reorganisation of the company and its ownership. The Corporate Responsibility Team assesses the progress and effectiveness of the actions.

Corporate responsibility reports at Hansel

The results of our corporate responsibility efforts are presented in the Corporate Responsibility Report, which is published annually in Finnish, Swedish, and English, integrated into the Annual Report. With regard to corporate responsibility, the Annual Report presents key information for 2020 and provides information about interesting events and achievements related to corporate responsibility. The corporate responsibility report relating to events in 2019 was published on 02/04/2020. Reports are prepared in accordance with the principles set forth in the GRI Standards. We report in accordance with the Core option. The standards complied with are from 2016.

After the merger that took place on 2 September 2019, the information applies to the new, larger Hansel.

The report includes a table presenting the content of the report sorted by materiality themes, the GRI Standards used, as well as instructions on where the information can be found in the report. If a piece of information is not available, it is mentioned in the table alongside an explanation for the omission. Some pieces of information are included in the financial statements.

The report has been put together by Hansel’s communications department together with advertising agency SST. The entire Corporate Responsibility Team participates in the preparation of the report, and it is approved by the Executive Committee. The Responsibility Report is also submitted to the Board of Directors for information.

Photos: Lasse Lecklin, Aki Rask and Hansel communications. All photos in the Annual Report feature Hansel’s experts.

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Hansel’s corporate responsibility report is available at (in Swedish and in English This report is being published exclusively online for the eighth time. The report was verified by KPMG Oy Ab, Authorised Public Accountants.