New tools for suppliers

Hansel renewed the reporting service for suppliers in 2019 and 2020. The task was considerable, as we receive a detailed monthly report from some 400 suppliers. The change was made gradually, so we could complete it in a controlled way.

The first suppliers started to use the renewed service in October 2019, and the last transfers were made in October 2020; at the same time, the service was constantly developed further. Everything is still not completely ready, and there will be new features and improvements.

In order to serve our customers well, we continuously need information on what is bought with our agreements. We collect this information through the reporting service. Suppliers report their sales per product and customer, giving sufficient identification data on the transactions also for a potential supplier review. Hansel charges a service fee from the suppliers based on the contractual reporting. The reporting service is thus a partial bookkeeping system for Hansel, and vitally important in that regard as well.

We want to serve our suppliers as well as possible. For that purpose, our Toimittajapulssi service was launched in December 2020, where a supplier can view the numbers they have reported and see the share of their agreement sales of the joint procurement’s volume. The service shows agreement sales starting from 2014. The view is easy to edit to concern different purchases and periods, and data can be exported to an Excel file. We are still developing Toimittajapulssi and are glad to receive feedback on it.