Webinars a great success

Hansel’s autumn roadshow that has toured around Finland was changed to a virtual webinar series due to the exceptional circumstances of 2020. The autumn roadshow webinars were kicked off with a quick pace in September, and by the end of December, some 1,700 people in total had watched our webinars.

We asked our customers for webinar topic ideas already in spring 2020. Based on these suggestions, we outlined the contents of the webinar episodes. We handled current themes, such as contractual management, legislation, procurement management, analysing procurement data, and responsibility of public procurement. Altogether 17 hardy Hansel experts talked at the webinars with our account manager Maritta Mäkelä. The episode that discussed the national procurement strategy also included Tero Meltti, Senior Financial Adviser from the Ministry of Finance.

“Thank you, it would be good to have these webinars in future too, they are a fast way to update matters to yourself. You get new ideas, you can go back to them later and use them.”

Hansel was certainly not the only organisation that had to make a fast leap into a world of virtual events in 2020 and compete for its customers’ time with numerous other webinars. However, our webinar series from September to December proved to be a huge success, thanks to our brilliant experts who shared their valuable competence with our customers. The original plan was to hold five hour-long webinars every two weeks, but by popular demand, we decided to continue the “tour” with two additional webinars.

“Excellent webinars that tackled topics with the right attitude, and the problems of the topics were also presented tangibly and professionally, which I’m especially thankful for.”

Even though 2021 will hopefully bring back the traditional networking events, we will continue organising webinars on topics that support our customers’ purchases.

Hansel’s customers can view recordings of the autumn roadshow webinars at the hansel.fi online service (in Finnish): Tietoa meistä > Tapahtumat > Syyskiertue.

Hansel’s autumn roadshow webinar series Sep.–Dec. 2020

Time Topic Guests
17 September Good practices of contractual management Jani Mäkinen, Category Manager
Minna Isoherranen, Category Manager
1 October Current topics in public procurement legislation Kirsi Kunnas-Leinonen, Senior Legal Counsel
Jukka-Pekka Salmela, Senior Legal Counsel
22 October Procurement management and analysing procurement data Juho Pursimo, Lead Analyst
Kalle Pinni, Head of Unit
5 November Joint procurement supply 2020–2021 Panu Kilpinen, Account Manager
Mervi Olkinuora, Head of Unit
Marjut Sood, Category Manager
19 November Responsibility in joint procurement Kirsi Koivusaari, Director of Finance
Tero Lehtisaari, Category Manager
Pasi Tainio, Category Manager
3 December Hansel’s role in implementing the national procurement strategy Anssi Pihkala, Managing Director
Raili Hilakari, Deputy Managing Director
Susanna Närvänen, Category Manager
17 December Hankintailmoitukset.fi improves – Hilma’s new features Mikko Saavalainen, Director of Digital Business
Tero Meltti, Senior Financial Adviser, Ministry of Finance
Tiina Luoma, Service Manager