Significant, sustainable, and innovative procurement

In accordance with our strategy, Hansel has Finland’s best expertise in public procurement. We also want to be a pioneer of responsible and significant procurement. Our specialists have participated in promoting the new efficiency, responsibility, and innovative way of thinking related to procurement, in the form of development projects, virtual workshops, and training.

During the exceptional circumstances, public procurement has been a critical actor in the security of supply and as a societal dynamic force. In addition to high-quality public procurement, the comments of Hansel’s specialists have highlighted the targets of responsible and significant procurement.

New ideas from the KEINO academy

The network-based Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement (KEINO) was active in 2020. The work will continue in the future years as well. Hansel is one of the network’s founding members.

KEINO supports and assists central purchasing bodies in the implementation and development of sustainable and innovative public procurement. The KEINO Academy was created as one of the working forms. The KEINO Academy is a development programme that trains the procurement units to steer their procurement action towards targets of innovativeness and sustainability.

“Our specialists have promoted the efficiency, responsibility, and innovative way of thinking.”

In 2020, the KEINO Academy was organised for the second time and it gathered a total of some 50 representatives of public administration organisations to focus on managing significant and responsible procurement. Hansel’s procurement experts have given lectures on each module of the KEINO Academy. The topics have focused on the strategic management of procurement, and themes of sustainable and innovative procurement. In addition to the lectures, Hansel employees have facilitated small groupwork, in which the KEINO Academy’s participant organisations work with their own current procurement challenges, completing the development task included in the programme.

Many tools for developing procurement

The electronic tools developed by Hansel have become an important part of solving KEINO’s participant organisations’ development challenges in the stage analysing the current state of procurement. The Procurement Pulse is used for analysing the procurement volume, whilst the Procurement Radar examines the maturity of the procurement unit’s purchases. The Procurement Pilot piloted in the KEINO programme works as a platform for the strategic planning of procurement.

In addition to KEINO work, Hansel has developed electronic tools to support the development work of different procurement units. For example, the analysis and reporting process of the municipal and university sector’s purchase invoice data was improved with the latest technology and the Procurement Pulse tool.

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