Joint procurement for a wide clientele

In 2020, we faced a new time and exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. Travel stopped, many moved to remote work, and purchases were postponed. Some production plants were closed for a fixed term. Protective equipment was acquired. In Hansel’s joint procurement, this meant a fast response to a changed situation. Good cooperation with customers and suppliers was the solution to the surprising circumstances as the exceptional situation began in spring, and by autumn, we knew how to work according to the “new normal”.

Even though 2020 was different in many ways, 27 new joint procurement projects, 18 framework agreements, and 9 dynamic purchasing systems were launched for our broad range of customers. Travel agency services and occupational healthcare services were new joint procurement projects for our regional authority customers. As the KL-Kuntahankinnat agreements ended, textbooks, cleaning supplies, electricity procurement, telecommunications services, and leasing services were tendered.

“27 new joint procurement projects were launched for our broad range of customers.”

Solar power plants and waste management services for central government and higher education institution customers were new joint procurement projects. A joint procurement of protective equipment was established for the entire clientele, and its preparation was done in close cooperation with the National Emergency Supply Agency. Purchases of software robotics and artificial intelligence were added as small-scale acquisition projects.

In 2020, nearly 20 joint procurement tendering processes for our entire clientele were launched, and their agreement term starts in 2021. Examples of these include meeting and event facilities as well as domestic accommodation services, car procurement and leasing services, chartering and moving transport services, cloud services, cleaning and safety services, safety technological services, and joint procurement by the IT and management consultation.

The easiness of using joint procurement was improved by arranging small competition information events and webinars for customers.